Yo Wagamama!

Wagamama. Waga-what? Wagamama is, apparently, the Japanese word for “naughty child”. It’s also an international noodle bar chain. The first Wagamama was opened by super-restaurateur Alan Yau in London in 1992. Wagamama in Reading, the 38th restaurant to launch, opened in November 2004 at The Oracle’s Riverside. Like a naughty child, I hopskotched, tummy a-rumbling to The Oracle for some serious slurping of noodle nosh. I wasn’t disappointed. Find out in this restaurant review what food set my tail waga-ing. Continue reading “Yo Wagamama!”

HP cutting jobs, impact on Reading office unclear

Reading employer HP has “unveiled a targeted program designed to simplify its structure, reduce costs and place greater focus on its customers.” maurers zayiflama hapi Zayiflama haplariMeaning: HP will be slashing 14,500 jobs over the next six quarters. As for the fate of its Reading workforce, the US company says that the “headcount reduction plans will vary by country“. Click here to read the press release.

New ‘Live Reading’ (without Geldof)

The new edition of Reading Borough CouncilZayiflamak istiyorum maurers zayiflama hapi yorumlari ‘s Live Reading is now available. Sunglasses ready? Then click here to open the summer-soaked document, featuring vibrant, chav-free pictures and interesting articles on the new-look Forbury Gardens (GB£ 2MM lottery-funded!), the town’s playgrounds (for kids – not pubs and clubs), WOMAD, an improved skate park and more. Details for booking your Christmas party at the Town Hall can even be seen. Christmas! Darn I forgot. I must pick up a tree on Saturday…

Welcome to Reading Roars

Matt BradyThis is my first article published on Reading Roars. What is Reading Roars (RR)? RR is a blog about the dynamic UK supertown of Reading (pop: 144,000), its people and activities. Happy reading – or should that be happy Reading? 😉