Help design a logo for this blog

A big story last week in social media was Gap’s decision to revert to their original logo after customers slammed their new design (right move; their new logo was poor). This has given me an idea.

I’ve always fancied having a logo for this blog. Londonist, admittedly a far bigger and better blog, have a rather nice one – a silhouetted city skyline.

The problem is, design isn’t my strength. So I will ask the audience instead.

Can anyone help, and suggest a logo for this blog? I really don’t mind how it’s done. You can scribble on a beermat and TwitPic it, if you like. Or email it to Rude/risqu entries may be submitted (but please, nothing nasty).

All received will be posted on Flickr (with the exception of offensive entries) so that the good people of Reading may decide on the best submission.

The winning design will be adopted as the new Reading Roars! logo to feature prominently on this website and Twitter. Until we change our minds.

Erm, I think that’s it. Doodle away.

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