A Couple of Bands For You

Theres a lot of tat in Reading, a point which is regularly, forcibly, made by some of the lovely people who leave comments on this esteemed publication; most notably on the Ten Things To Do In Reading post (you should see the comments that dont get approved!). However, as a proud and loyal Redingensian I can hold my head above the parapet and say that theres also a huge amount of class here.

As has also been a regularly noted on Reading Roars, there is a vibrant artistic community. Most notably to me personally, there is a throbbing music scene full of a vast variety of different bands, all intertwined and mashed together but also very separate and isolated from each other. Ive got to be honest, as with everything here, there is quite a bit of tat, but there is plenty, probably more than in most places Ive been or lived in, of class.

One of the classiest bands in the town are Sleep Room, who sound like Pink Floyd if Radiohead had released Kid A in 1971. Theyve been playing in Reading for a good few years, they are almost veterans of the circuit, but recently they have caught the eye of a few people and have been gaining a lot more exposure with the release of their new CD Gone.

They play at the 3Bs – the bar under the town hall – on Friday night (15th), and this correspondent can very much personally recommend them.

I would also recommend a little band called Johnny Arrow & The Cheap Day Returns, who play at the Oakford on Wednesday night (13th), but that would just be abusing my position wouldnt it? Probably.

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