5 monthly green gatherings in Reading

Green Drinks
Green Drinks (Flickr)

This week, representatives from roughly 190 countries met in Nagoya, Japan, to thrash out an agreement on saving the world’s biodiversity. That’s a pretty big deal.

Closer to home (and on not such a high level), eco-minded volunteers undertake conservation efforts all the time; scrubbing streets, planting hedges and replacing saplings.These thoughtful enthusiasts help ensure a better quality of living for all.

Indeed, there are many green groups in Reading, ranging from the large (Greenpeace, FoE) to the seemingly obscure (Thames Valley Fungus Group, anyone?). Here are five such organisations, with details of their monthly meetings:

What: Berkshire Greenpeace
When and where: RISC Meeting Room 3, 3pm-8pm, first Thursday of every month.
Recent meeting topic: Rushy Mead windfarm development.
Interesting fact: They throw an annual Pirate Party.
Social media: Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, MySpace

What: Reading Friends of the Earth
When and where: Second Wednesday of every month, upstairs at RISC.
Recent meeting topic: Carbon budgets.
Interesting fact: FoE have branches in 77 countries.
Social media: Facebook

What: Reading Green Party
When and where: Monthly, upstairs at RISC.
Interesting fact: Green Party councillor Rob White was named the top 20th Green blogger by Total Politics.
Social media: Facebook, Twitter

What: Reading Green Drinks
When and where: First Tuesday of every month, 6.30pm – 8.30pm, at the Global Cafe.
Recent meeting topic: Anheuser-Busch InBev’s carbon footprint? I’m guessing.
Interesting fact: Green Drinks is an event in 748 cities worldwide.
Social media: Flickr

What: Caversham GLOBE (Go Local On a Better Environment)
When and where:First Thursday of every month, 7.15pm, at 59 Church Street, Caversham.
Recent meeting topic: Clayfield Copse oak trees.
Interesting fact: There are actually six globe groups in Reading – the others are Newtown Globe Group, Oxford Road Community Garden, Redlands Globe Group, Southcote Globe Group and Tilehurst Globe Group.
Social media: No.

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  1. Worth mentioning a green, sourcing stuff locally initiative in Bagshot. Some people here have set up an initiative to ‘share everything’ via a website called Taskedo. The idea, and it’s excellent, is that we can all try to advertise stuff that we own and could rent out, our know how to potentially complete tasks for others and details on any trips we’re making. http://www.taskedo.com The guys have got in the press a fair bit and it’s a really popular thing locally.

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