5 events for geeks in Reading

There are some ridiculously smart people in Reading. They are everywhere: working for big companies such as Microsoft and Oracle Corporation, toying with robotics, doing marvellous things with social media in their free time.

Geeks even enjoy a drink now and again (in moderation). Here are 5 social events in Reading where brainiacs come together to discuss all things technical over a beverage or two (and on occasion build clever things using drinking straws):

What: #rdggeek
When and where: Copa Bar, second Tuesday of every month.
Format: Alcohol, speakers and conversation.
Recent topics: Humanoid robots and flashing lights.
Interesting fact: They’ve just celebrated their first birthday.
Geek Factor: 9/10 (it would have been 10 but for the booze)

What: #rdgtweetup
When and where: Glo, Wednesday evening (8pm onwards) every two weeks.
Format: Beer, cider, wine and conversation.
Recent topics: Twitter. Probably.
Geek Factor: 7/10 (the Wokingham Road area was reconstructed using straws in the last meeting)

What: Reading Girl Geek Dinners
When and where: Third Thursday of every month; different locations.
Format: Dinner, speakers and conversation.
Recent topics: Mobile phones and how millennials use technology.
Interesting fact: Girl Geeks Dinners is established in 23 countries (and founded just 5 years ago – one month after this blog was started).
Geek Factor: 5/10

What: Thames Valley Social Media Cafe
When and where: First and third Thursday of every month; different locations between Reading and Farnborough.
Format: Coffee and conversation.
Interesting fact: TVSMC was inspired by the London Social Media Cafe (or Tuttle Club). There are now Social Media Cafes all over the country and across the world.
Geek Factor: 4/10 (social media: we’re all at it, aren’t we?)

What: CowCoop
When and where: Different times, different locations.
Format: Coffee and conversation.
Recent topics: Social dashboards.
Interesting fact: This really has little to do with cows.
Geek Factor: 4/10 (this event appeals to mobile workers, and farmyard animals feature prominently on the CowCoop website)

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